Monthly Pinterest Post

Pinterest & FOMO

Maybe this Monthly Pinterest post can count for both April and May?  Oops…. Consistency isn’t my jam.  ANYWAY!

For Mother’s Day we designed a backdrop for the Moms at church to sit with their kids and get a photo made.  It was lovely being the one who could go through those and post them– as a mom who loves photos herself, it makes my heart happy to know an opportunity was given. Image may contain: 2 people, people smiling, people sitting This idea came from Pinterest…. so that counts right? I was working and this picture was actually an after-thought.  Kai had stayed home to study for finals, my own Mom was in town for Colt’s birthday, but was helping me volunteer in a classroom– and I just happened to have Colt with me on an errand so we took this picture.  Oops …again.

In all honesty, I haven’t been onImage may contain: 5 people, food Pinterest too much lately.  A recipe here and there (like my favorite Wild Rice and Hamburger I’ve linked to before), a few glances for Colt’s construction party- which was a HUGE hit- and that’s really it.  TOO. MUCH. HAS. BEEN. GOING. ON.  It’s chaotic…but I Adore it. Finishing school….one child earlier than planned…, assessments, finals, projects, soccer games, Dr appointments– and the house.  It doesn’t get easier this time of year when the sun begins to stay around longer and everyone wants to play outside! Haha!!

I do find Pinterest to be relaxing.  I like the creativity of others and I have a healthy relationship with Pinterest.

  • “Nope, would never do that”
  • “Yup- that looks fun- PIN!”
  • “I’ll probably never do that but I like it- PIN!”

My friend Mandy however, has shared her relationship may not be quite as healthy.  It causes her to experience FOMO (Fear Of Missing Out)– and no, I’m not talking about myself as a separate person…I KNOW another Mandy 🙂 It’s easy to get caught up in she did it better, they have this, mine could never look like that, how come I don’t have as much time as her (maybe you like SLEEP more than her), and it can be overwhelming Moms.  Better, not best.  I’m happy with that.

Image may contain: 2 people, people smiling, people sitting and childWith the help of some experts who have studied boys, sensory and preschool, I’m learning a lot about Colt.  Not enough to totally get it, or always stay ahead of him, but better than I was before.  The kid LOVES water, and I recall seeing ideas to freeze toys and have him break them out.  As I was running out the door to work, the thought popped in my head to freeze his new Finding Dory mini-figures he got for his birthday and let him hammer them out and set them free.  I came home to an excited boy, playing nice with his sister and stealing the occasional bite of ice from the edges he broke off.  PEACE in the CHAOS 🙂

So Pinterest Peeps, thank you.  I’ll continue to explore and once in a while, I’ll complete a pin!


Some ideas like the one I came up with…maybe better, but who cares! :


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