52 Weeks of Prayer for Our Sons, Raising Tots

3:52- Son

Home.  I’m praying this week for our home.

That you feel safe here.

That you know you belong.

That you can recognize what makes you unique, but also accepted.


There’s security in knowing your place, your home.  I pray that you won’t need to go searching outside the normal boundaries of exploration as you grow up…searching for acceptance and belonging.  Of course I pray you find that other places as well, but I pray our home is a central place for you.  A place where you come for refreshment, to find joy, to think out new ideas and to put everything else aside and Just. Be. You.


I pray for our home.  It’s not always a place of peace.  It’s certainly not perfect. And it’s full of people who aren’t perfect.  We yell, we cry, we stomp our feet, we break things….but we love.  We laugh.  We let our guard down.  And may this always be so.

I pray as the Mom, that I can curb bitterness, exhaustion– and that sense of “I’m Done.”  I pray that the environment here is always welcoming- no matter the circumstances.  And that friends feel it too.  That it is safe here to ask questions, to explore, grow and learn– and know where we are rooted.  

Thank you for these amazing kids.  I thank you for the roof over our  heads and the privileges we take for granted.  I pray for our language and  demeanor towards each other.  I pray that we take our role in this family seriously and with pride.  I pray that it’s rooted now, that this family will always be home.  No. Matter. What.



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