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Do you Pinterest?

I love pinning on Pinterest but like many of you I find myself pinning more than I DO.  When I was pregnant and couldn’t sleep, and nursing and couldn’t go back to sleep after waking up, I spent a lot of time on Pinterest.  It was good anxiety therapy for me too!  Now, I probably use it most for recipes– Crockpot Recipes, let’s get real.  Cooking isn’t my jam! What I DON’T use it for is feeling bad about myself or less than perfect.  Who has time for that?!  It’s just a fun place to steal other people’s creative and yummy ideas!

To make the most of this obsession, I’ve decided once a month to put into action one of my pins and I’ll share it here with you.  I’d love to see what you use it for too!  And if you want to follow my boards, come along with me!

Since Crockpot is where it’s at in my home, especially in the Winter, I’m going to share a favorite go-to pin as my 1st post.  I’ve not yet tried the making a million meals ahead to have in my freezer, but I have lots of those too- but I couldn’t live without my crockpot.

This post is in thanks to Julies Eats and Treats and her delicious Crockpot Hamburger & Wild Rice Casserole.  Healthy and something my whole family enjoys eating. (I have no affiliation with Julie or her blog, but it looks like there’s lots of good stuff there!)

If you decide to try it, will you share in the comments?  What do you like to do from Pinterest…besides scroll on your phone at 2am and pin!?


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