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“I have NOTHING to wear!”

Here I sit, gazing at my bedhead reflection starting this post in my comfy PJ pants- my absolute faves which were actually hand-me-downs!- and a fleece sweatshirt, I’m wondering– would my friends turn me in to “What Not To Wear” on most days? (Ummm… actually- that would be awesome! Didn’t they get a $5K shopping spree PLUS help fitting clothes to their body!?)

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CRAZY Cheesy Chicken Broccoli Rice Casserole

Ladies! Oh man. I want this blog, whatever comes of it to be nothing if not authentic. It doesn’t get much more authentic than how much I ADORE my family (even through all the chaos)….. but how much I hate to cook. Last week, in my effort to be #1 Wife and Mom, I decided I was going to make this yummy recipe I found through Pinterest from  In True Mandy Fashion, I didn’t really READ the recipe— nor would I have actually been able to visualize through it properly because that’s just not how my brain works.  But anyway– look.  what. happened!

Earlier in the day, I had cleaned my kitchen…. oh & Colt & I had a stay home day and made cookies….

THESE ARE THE DISHES I USED!!! WHAT?! (photo left large for emphasis!!)

I spend my time doing household chores and driving around listening to podcasts, many from women who are sharing their tips to keep life less cluttered….and I’m addicted!! Of all the tips these podcast/bloggers share, there is an underlying theme they agree on: that having a clean kitchen sets a tone no matter what the rest of the house looks and feels like.

So cooking should not make this MORE COMPLICATED! Of course there will be the dishes the family uses to eat off of and something to cook with, but this was crazy.  ALSO– the time given for prep is NEVER enough time for me. I almost have to double it every time.  As I completed this meal, I kept mumbling to myself…this better be worth it….and continued listening to my podcast.

Once it was in the oven, I got to cleaning up, it finished beautifully and we enjoyed a delicious & healthy meal at the table….2 of us anyway.  Kai was with her dad and Colt– “I don’t Waaant that!” *sigh*

By the way, where was Colt in all this you ask?? Well, turns out Kelly got the same itch to be #1 Husband and Dad the very same day.  So they were busy playing together…awwwww……That’s the ONLY way this meal was accomplished and not abandoned!

3 things I learned:

  1. Erin at has a BEAUTIFUL website with tons of great recipes that are healthy.
    • Erin enjoys cooking.  This meal was delicious and I (sorta) recommend it. Haha
  2. I’m a ONE PAN Girl.  Crockpot, 3 steps tops…that’s for me.
    • And look! Erin has that here! I’ll be trying something from the one pan list next.
  3. Don’t fight who you are. I’m an amazing Wife & Mom without suffering through the kitchen.  That’s not what I love…. and I don’t need more overwhelm and chaos coming from the kitchen 🙂

Please share with me in the comments your cooking tips, meal plan ideas and (one-pot type) recipes you like!  We’ll all enjoy this #AdoredChaos life together!


AdoredChaos in My Home

You guys— let’s get real!  AdoredChaos describes so many pieces of my life.  It’s the core of who I am, the raising of my kids and often the state of my home.  I TRY to be organized..and in some areas I am, but I’m always looking to improve.  When I post “organizing posts” it’s not because I’m a professional organizer, but because I accept who I am and I know I’m not alone out there! 🙂

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A Stealth Attack on Laundry

Laundry thinks it can get the best of us right? It’s never ending, it grows and grows—and it’s everywhere!  **Really—the basket is RIGHT THERE!**  I hear women all the  time dreading laundry.  I’ve had mentors who have outsourced laundry to be done because they have better things to do with their time, and THEY. HATE. IT. THAT. MUCH.  But for those of us who have to do it ourselves, I have a plan of attack I’d love to share with you!

The 1st time I got married I was 19—what? Yes.  Not even 20.  I thought I knew everything, but I was just a kid.  My Mother-In-Law (ex now I guess) is one of the most organized people you could EVER meet!  She’d come to visit and my fridge would be clean and alphabetized, same with the pantry, new décor would be rearranged or added to rooms, we’d shop for clothes and she taught me the value of spending a little more for quality that would last longer.  I really learned a lot from her.

But one of the best home tricks she ever taught me was how to manage laundry.  From sorting, to stains to a system, I loved how easy she made it seem.  She couldn’t and wouldn’t start a load unless she knew she’d be home to pull it out right away when the dryer went off.  Brilliant!  I clearly remember being out and she’d be calling home to see who might be there to pull out the laundry!  Now, with a young toddler boy who’s into EVERYTHING…and I clearly can’t take my eyes off for 2 minutes (See other posts on this…) I can’t always be there right when it goes off.  But when I CAN—I’m there! Armed and ready to attack!   (Also, when I can’t, I’m thankful I have this awesome steam, fluff setting!!)

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