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My Summer List..Strong & Courageous

It’s already here! The last day of school…..I want/need/plan to be extremely intentional this summer.  Throughout the 10 weeks Kai has of summer, 5 of them are with me…and her brother…and her stepdad….and her beloved dogs Willie & Honey (Willie sleeps in her room even when she’s gone; in her bed when she’s here).  And…Then. Life. Flips. Upside. Down.

I realize she’s a teenage girl, so hanging out with her friends is SUPER important and being at home…. well, that’s not top of the list for the average teenage girl.

I realize, we live in a culture today that over-schedules our kids and it’s important for her to have downtime.

I realize it will be tempting to let her get away with anything she wants including chores, responsible use of time/devices, etc.  Judge away- I’m just being honest.

What should be on our list?

Already set:

  1. A surprise event….
  2. Coaching soccer at church Sports Camp
  3. A TX trip to visit family
  4. A family trip to Ouray, CO
  5. Praying over her year, starting high school, her new campus and new friends

Random but intended:

  1. pool days
  2. paid babysitting opportunities
  3. shopping at the mall
  4. reading in the sun (with sunscreen of course)
  5. shopping for new High School clothes and accessories
  6. redoing her room– FINALLY….
  7. mani/pedis
  8. sleepovers with friends

LOTS. OF. LAUGHING…..and hugs.

strong & courageous.jpgI will cling to this verse over the next 10 weeks and beyond.  I will think about it, apply it in the hard moments as I step back and breath.

I knew it was coming. I’ve been preparing.  But as this chapter closes- elementary and middle school, 7 years in the same place- waking up to making her lunch, pushing her to get moving, asking how she slept, driving carpool- is coming to a close, I’m going to need to be strong & courageous.  I think mornings may be the hardest time of day.

The Lord My God is with Mandy & Kai wherever we go.  (please hold while I wipe some tears…I can’t see what I’m typing).

I read a quote recently: “As parents, we have to decide that we are going to begin to move from protecting our children to preparing them for this world. The older they get, the more you have to let go,  giving them experiences where they can lead, serve, and learn how do things on their own.”  I don’t want my 14 year old daughter to move out of my house, even if it’s to live with her dad.  But I want an 18 year old daughter who had an opportunity to live with her dad when she was 14.

So I will be strong.  I will not hide my emotions, but I will keep them in check.  I will be courageous; I will continue to trust the plan and path before us both.  I will be confident in the bond between Mom and daughter.  And I will be intentional.  I will use my planner. I will think about our week ahead of time.  I will think before I speak– be slow to speak and quick to listen.

She is strong. She is equipped.  She is ready.  We will transition strong and we will be victorious!

**additional prayers welcomed and accepted!!


2 thoughts on “My Summer List..Strong & Courageous

  1. sarahavitua says:

    My heart hurts and swells with pride as I read this. My eyes are filled with tears for the momma tears that I know are flowing on the other end. You have come so far, grown so much, have so much wisdom in your words. Kai has always been so lucky to have you there to advocate on her behalf. God will see you through this time period. I love you, Mandy!

    Liked by 1 person

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