52 Weeks of Prayer for Our Sons, Raising Tots

3:52- Son

Home.  I’m praying this week for our home.

That you feel safe here.

That you know you belong.

That you can recognize what makes you unique, but also accepted.


There’s security in knowing your place, your home.  I pray that you won’t need to go searching outside the normal boundaries of exploration as you grow up…searching for acceptance and belonging.  Of course I pray you find that other places as well, but I pray our home is a central place for you.  A place where you come for refreshment, to find joy, to think out new ideas and to put everything else aside and Just. Be. You.


I pray for our home.  It’s not always a place of peace.  It’s certainly not perfect. And it’s full of people who aren’t perfect.  We yell, we cry, we stomp our feet, we break things….but we love.  We laugh.  We let our guard down.  And may this always be so.

I pray as the Mom, that I can curb bitterness, exhaustion– and that sense of “I’m Done.”  I pray that the environment here is always welcoming- no matter the circumstances.  And that friends feel it too.  That it is safe here to ask questions, to explore, grow and learn– and know where we are rooted.  

Thank you for these amazing kids.  I thank you for the roof over our  heads and the privileges we take for granted.  I pray for our language and  demeanor towards each other.  I pray that we take our role in this family seriously and with pride.  I pray that it’s rooted now, that this family will always be home.  No. Matter. What.


52 Weeks of Prayer for Our Sons, Raising Tots

2:52- Son

Matthew 6:34 ~ don’t worry about tomorrow, today has enough worry of its own. 

I learn so much from your perspective on living in the moment Dear Son. You can’t help it, you don’t know different, as you haven’t lived long enough to worry about tomorrow.  Although change and transition are hard for you, you completely embrace the moment you are in. The book you are reading, the person you are with, the story you are creating in your head. 

As I see worry creep over your face, it’s also in the moment. Worry that you may fall, that you may not get your toy back from the friend you are learning to share with. When we are leaving, you always say “but you won’t come back….” But I am here, I will always come back, and more importantly God is here- and he always will be even when I can not. 

I pray for you this week, that as you begin to learn about him, that you will know he will always come back- and really, he never left. I pray this is so deeply rooted in your core, that wherever life takes you, you feel confident to battle worry with the hope and trust that tomorrow is under control just like today is under control. You aren’t walking through life alone. 

Dear Heavenly Father,

I thank you for opening my eyes to the innocent perspective of children. I thank you for the view he shares on living and loving in the moment, for those around us- both friends and family- but also strangers in a store or at the playground. I pray that he will always love those around him. That he will see the needs of today and work through those needs without worrying about what could happen tomorrow. 

When anxiety and fear take hold, I pray that he will stop, breathe and turn them over to you. The Creator of all things, the beginning and the end, who loves him so deeply and has created him for a special purpose. I pray he will listen to and follow your voice as the loudest one in the crowd. 

Thank you for providing and protecting. Help him to be the mighty warrior you created him for. 


In My Soul, Raising Teens, Raising Tots

Podcasts and Marbles…. My Mom Brain (Authentic Ramblings)

For as little as I’ve sat down to write lately, I think about you all the time.  Once in a while I wonder “does it even matter?” and then some kind words were shared with me today– that story may be another blog post in the future!– that my blog had touched her.  So yes- to 2 of you (that Mom and MY Mom), it matters 🙂

It feels as if a whirlwind is swirling around in my brain! Decision fatigue, over-scheduling…Getting ready for Good Friday and Easter at work, husband traveled and of course while he was gone I got sick… Wonky schedules for Kai and the start of soccer season (Go Hawks!) with practices and games…we ‘re just out of sync.  But I know it’s just a phase that’s going to pass shortly. A consistent schedule will always be a struggle for me.  And add to it, I have T.P.A.D.  Yup.  That’s right…there’s FINALLY a diagnosis that makes sense for me!

Podcasts from ASlobComesClean.comThanks to ‘Dr Nony’, the creator of http://www.ASlobComeClean.com a kindred spirit who puts how we deal with “mess” and cleaning into words for me, I now know a major piece of what holds me back is TPAD.   I feel like my whole life my mom has asked me “what’s wrong with you? You can’t do THAT much in that amount of time” or I can’t for the life of me keep straight how much time has passed between events, life stages, meetings, cleaning, etc.  Yikes.  BUT, their’s comfort in numbers and I’m not alone.  If you find yourself relating to me as you read, you may want to check out Nony (Dana is her real name).  I think you’ll enjoy her as much as I have!

For today, I just want to share a little inspiration.  In the middle of the chaos…really that’s my life not just a play on the name of this blog!!… God is showing me how I’m adored.  How I matter to him…and how when I seek him out, he answers in ways I can’t imagine.

Time is ticking– my weeks of marbles are growing slim with Kai in my home.  This makes me nervous and each morning (& often throughout the day) I pray for renewed calm and peace regarding this decision.  I’ve spent the last few days thinking of ways to be intentional in this time.  Guide her, make sure she hears truth about herself and life….I keep meaning to check in with Moms who have sent kids off to college… it’s pretty similar I think.  We binged a few episodes of The Voice while I was sick and although we got behind on a few other things, I wouldn’t trade that time for anything. I love that kid!

Colt is making progress in his therapy.  We still have a journey ahead but this past week in particular he’s brought SO MUCH laughter to my days.  (You can check out some of these moments on my Instagram page- mandyhenry31).  I can’t forget the dream I had of the little boy Kelly and I would have…. I know he’s that little boy.  He may not be able to sit still for prolonged periods of time— or ANY some days– but he’s bursting with personality and really does round out our home.

Life may not fit in a pretty little box, the scrapbook pages of this phase may be stuck together and hard to follow along through, but it’s my #AdoredChaos.  Each day, if I look, there is JOY to be found.  From the smile on someone else’s face, dancing in our undies or with pots on our heads in the kitchen, or sharing the couch with a girl going through the Mean Middle School years, JOY is all around if we just look for it.

This weekend is a time to remember and reflect on the Extreme Sacrifice Jesus made to clear our slates.  We can live free with hope of a future in relationship with him. Nothing gets sweeter than that!  Happy Resurrection Day! Image result for resurrection cross image

Raising Tots

Finding Nemo…Upside Down

Oh man! Major Mom fail!!

Colt LOVES water.  He loves spray bottles, aquariums, the pool… At the start of our 2017 Staycation Spring Break, Colt got to go pick out a pet fish for his special event that day.  After a few minutes of pointing to every single fish at PetCo, we decided on a pretty goldfish…poor thing.   Continue reading

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7 Ways for Moms to Adore Themselves 

If you scroll back to the beginning, there came a point where I forgot to love myself.  But this blog is about reminding myself that I’m Adored– and so are you! I am in contact with Moms ALL. THE. TIME.  So many Moms of different ages and different walks of life.  And guess what? We all struggle with loving ourselves!  So here’s my list of how I remember to love myself…. and No, this doesn’t come natural to put loving myself first.  But I’ve learned it’s important, so here we go!

Colt is playing independently outside with his water table (WOW!) as I write this on my phone, so let’s just get right to it. I need to be better at loving ME if I’m going to love the other people & pets in my home!!

1- set the timer. 15 minutes the kids play quietly, you get to read, flip through a magazine. Kick your feet up. (Hope for the best!)

2- just like your husband should get time with his buddies (golf, poker, hiking, sporting events, whatever) you need to schedule time with your girlfriends. Dinner, shopping, coffee, The Bachelor Season Finale party, etc. LAUGH and cry with them!

3- take a shower. That’s great in itself (& sometimes a major milestone of the day) Add: Do a face mask. Pluck your eyebrows. Shave your legs. Feel human– even if there is a kid screaming for 10 minutes in the other room. They are developing their lungs….

4- have a quiet time. I like to read an inspirational blog post, Bible verse, chapter (or a few pages) of a book. Maybe you like to meditate or practice yoga. But steal some time- maybe 10-20 minute blocks for some quiet. (MOM MOM MOM MOM MOM MOM MOM…..)
5- have your husband ask, pick you up and take you on a date(you most likely need to give him instructions) Even if the neighbor kid watches the kids and you walk around the block holding hands. We may not get to be Cinderella in her fancy dress at the ball, but we should feel like a princess once in a while. #PrinceCharming

6- plan a day away. Aim for twice a year if you can. Stay at a friend’s house when they are on vacation if you don’t have the funds, get a hotel room with room service a robe and control of the remote if you can. Bring your journal, or a magazine, or just sleep. Time for you is important (see the theme here?) so plan for it.

7- the most important! SAY NICE THINGS TO YOURSELF. Yes. OUTLOUD. No one is listening- walk by a mirror and say “hey girl! Good to see you today! Wow! I love your hair!!” Or “girl, your butt looks great in those jeans (ok, yoga pants….) Love yourself!

I love you… you need to love you….if you are going to love the chaos, you have to start with your own! This week, WHEN you take some time to love yourself, share it on Social Media with me by using the hashtag #AdoredChaos!

PS– I LOVE the App Bitmoji….Throughout this post you met Mandy, the Bitmoji version!

In My Soul, Raising Teens, Raising Tots

Did you remember your Joy?

Hey Mom,

If you are having a day where your heart is mulling things over like mine today– maybe that overwhelmed feeling has grasped you again, or people are pushing in on your every button– you might need to remember this too– (and based on So. Many. Views. on my last post, I don’t think I’m the only one….)

It’s Just a Phase. Whatever it is, it will pass. We have to keep our eyes on the end goal. 

  1. Personal Joy. 
  2. Healthy kids who find joyful relationships in their lives. 
  3. Serving others, adding Joy to others lives. 

Others can’t steal our Joy once we know where it’s found. Maybe you don’t find your true joy like I find mine. It’s not in my accomplishments, my check marks, my physical appearance, my marriage or my kids. My Joy comes from being a daughter of the King. 

Thank you to my inner circle who’s got me. Sharing my frustration, encouraging me to believe the truth about myself and supporting me to make the healthy decisions that center me again in my Joy- I appreciate you more than you know. 

It’s my word of the year because I need to reflect on it everyday. And throughout the day:

  • What brings me true Joy?
  • Does this reaction steal my Joy?
  • Does this decision fit in my personal manifesto (see future post)?

So Mom, Step back. Go somewhere quiet or for a walk. Breathe. Remember you don’t have to do it alone. 
Love you,