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Fill my {Starbucks} Cup

Good morning ladies!  Good morning Moms!

From this quiet 5am spot I found on my porch this morning (sprinklers running, cars in the distance racing off to work, my teenagers alarm going off…) I’m writing to you.  And if you are up at 5am (or earlier, or off and on through the night), then you are probably tired and need a quiet spot too.

Dr. Tom Bradberry shared at a conference I recently attended (Author of Emotional IQ 2.0) that in order to get the rest we need we need to do at least 3 things.

  1. starbucks_coffeestop taking sleep aids (fine for me….but I know so many who take them including my husband)
  2. no caffeine after noon (hahahahahaha, I’m still laughing and right after that segment (about 3pm) I went and got a caramel macchiato)
  3. no blue lights before bed (iPhone, Pinterest, Facebook, catching up on my DVR, Jimmy Fallon….what?) Who IS THIS GUY?

He must be smart, so maybe I’ll try this out sometime, but for now—when I ran around all day long and can’t get my workout in until 7:30/8pm, and the only time I can choose what’s on the TV is in the evening, and I NEED to know what everyone did all afternoon or had for dinner- I’m going to have to just be tired I guess.

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