52 Weeks of Prayer For Our Daughters, Raising Teens

1:52~ Daughter

As I start Week 1 in praying over my children, Romans 12:12 is a great starting place.  JOY is my focus word of the year. Patience is not something that comes natural to me or my children.  Committing to being faithful in prayer is what this journey is all about.

Mom’s 5P Recipe for Patience

  1. Purr– Take a breath.  Close your eyes, deep breath in, let it out slowly. Purr even
  2. Perspective– Take a step back to analyze: How are you feeling? Why are you reacting this way? What else has happened today or this week? Did you get enough sleep?  Is it really as bad as it seems?
  3. Positivity– Quick! Think of something you LOVE about the person irritating you or the situation you find yourself in.  Lemonade out of lemons, look for something positive to help your perspective on the situation.
  4. Physical– adjust your body, go outside and get fresh air, step away.  Make a physical change to clear your tension (relax your jaw and fists) and start over.
  5. Practice– make yourself wait sometimes.  Let others go first, save up for something you want.  Think about ways you can be patient when it’s easy so you develop the strength to be patient when its hard.

Dear Heavenly Father,

Patience may only come from you.  Thank you for creating us with a passion and a fire for life, but help us to know when to wait.  I pray she is able to practice patience.  In dealing with her friends, siblings or strangers, may she reflect on the positives first.  I pray that her sleep is deep and refreshing giving her a healthy start to each day.  Being raised in an instant-gratification environment, I pray she sees value in stepping back; in waiting.  Letting others go first, thinking before she responds or reacts, and when she makes a mistake, help her to be quick to forgive and ask forgiveness.  In her walk with you, I pray she learns to hear your voice and trust in your timing.  Thank you for wanting relationship with us.  Thank you for filling us with joy and hope and listening to our prayers.



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