In My Soul

Sipping Wine. Alone. At a Table Set for 10.

You can read this title a couple ways:

  1. Luxurious.  How did this mom get time alone?…and why don’t I have any?!
  2. Sad.  That poor girl.  Was she stood up? Why is she alone at such a big table?
  3. Wino.  Wow.  That’s sad.  Some people just can’t control their drinking.

Let me tell you; it was luxurious!

As I continue down this journey of parenting, I’m FIRMLY aware that it’s important imperative I take care of me.  Recently, I went out with some girlfriends I don’t see very often.  We celebrated a friend’s birthday, laughed and caught up on life.  As it was time to go, I hung back.  They were leaving a bit earlier than I’d said I’d be home, and I realized some time at the table with one last taste of wine (we went to a restaurant built around wine tasting right here in Denver.  It was neat!) would be glorious.
God didn’t design me as an introvert, and I’m not sure if it’s this phase of parenting, aging or what- but I can appreciate some time just to me.


So that’s what I did. I pulled out my inner introvert, dusted her off and embraced her.  I stared at the wall; I sipped my wine.  I read a blog post; I sipped my wine.  I read another blog post- one that filled my soul- and responded to the author; I sipped my wine. I didn’t think about laundry. I didn’t think about the busy week ahead.  I just sat.  Quietly.  I’m sure the male servers were wondering what was wrong with me, but I let them wonder….

One of the biggest mistakes Moms make (so I hear… I don’t make mistakes of course hahahaha) is that we don’t create space for ourselves.  We can’t/won’t/don’t.  We feel too busy/needed/guilty.  But it sucks our soul/energy/facial collagen.  So, that night, I acted on #s 2 & 4 of 7 Ways For Moms to Adored Themselves and it was worth it.  I was home in time to harass talk to Kai on her bed before sleep, Kelly got some 1:1 time with Colt, I switched over some more laundry (it was Monday, laundry day!) and before I turned in, I got some reading and writing in.

And. I. Felt. Relaxed.

So do it.  Whether you meet a friend for coffee, ignore the piles inside and read as you sit outside during a rainstorm, or linger at the table just a little longer after all your girlfriends have left, carve out some time to take care of you.  All your #AdoredChaos will be there waiting when you clock back in, but you will be better equipped to manage it!
Love you….. Me.



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