In My Soul, Raising Teens, Raising Tots

Did you remember your Joy?

Hey Mom,

If you are having a day where your heart is mulling things over like mine today– maybe that overwhelmed feeling has grasped you again, or people are pushing in on your every button– you might need to remember this too– (and based on So. Many. Views. on my last post, I don’t think I’m the only one….)

It’s Just a Phase. Whatever it is, it will pass. We have to keep our eyes on the end goal. 

  1. Personal Joy. 
  2. Healthy kids who find joyful relationships in their lives. 
  3. Serving others, adding Joy to others lives. 

Others can’t steal our Joy once we know where it’s found. Maybe you don’t find your true joy like I find mine. It’s not in my accomplishments, my check marks, my physical appearance, my marriage or my kids. My Joy comes from being a daughter of the King. 

Thank you to my inner circle who’s got me. Sharing my frustration, encouraging me to believe the truth about myself and supporting me to make the healthy decisions that center me again in my Joy- I appreciate you more than you know. 

It’s my word of the year because I need to reflect on it everyday. And throughout the day:

  • What brings me true Joy?
  • Does this reaction steal my Joy?
  • Does this decision fit in my personal manifesto (see future post)?

So Mom, Step back. Go somewhere quiet or for a walk. Breathe. Remember you don’t have to do it alone. 
Love you,



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