Bigger isn’t always Better

Happy St Patty’s Day!

Probably Kelly’s favorite holiday of the year– and coincidentally we signed to purchase our home 11 years ago today.  Luck O’ the Irish!

There have been days where this house just doesn’t cut it.  I can’t stand the laundry room, there’s not enough room to entertain, don’t get me started on the closet space design…. but really?  I love our home.  I love our neighbors! And it’s full of 11 years of memories!

Just flipping through changes in Kai’s room floods back memories of playing My Little Pony, Barbie, Just Dance on Wii, family dinners, coloring Easter eggs, decorating Christmas cookies, “the talk”….. I love going through photos.  Pepto-Bismol pink was EXACTLY what she wanted when she chose her 1st paint color. Wow.  Kelly was THRILLED.  And it stayed that way for years, graduating with her age, but not losing that amazing hue.  I can’t find a photo, but it changed to celery green between these 2 fabulous designs…. thank you Grandma Brenda for helping me paint these stripes…I just can’t bring myself to cover them over like she’s asking…but I digress.  I’m sure it will be soon as we are approaching High School now.    (Notice the Lego Friends sets on display…what a sweet period of life that was!)

We’ve done some renovation over the years, personalizing and adding more space, always considering “What if we just move?”.  Refer back up- We love our neighbors! And although it may not be the perfect design, we love our house…our home.  Our little family has grown and changed through so much here.  We have celebrated & laughed here, we brought Colt home here and as we continue to change the look and feel both of the house and the people who reside inside, we are grateful.  We are grateful for each other, for a warm place that brings us comfort and where we can call HOME.

We love you little house!! Bigger isn’t always better!




2 thoughts on “Bigger isn’t always Better

  1. Annie says:

    Mandy funny we have been thinking the same thing. We’ve been here 16 years. I only knew one home growing up which my parents owned for about 40 years. Which my grand mother and father both passed away at or in and when it came time to sell it after my mother passed it was really hard to let it go. It holds a huge sentimental value to my family. So much that when we see 808 ( the address) whether it be on the clock, a license plate, receipt or anything else with numbers my brothers and sisters believe it’s a “sign” a “hello” from our parents. Crazy right! So there is value besides equity to living in the same house for a lot of years!

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    • Thank you for sharing your insight & there’s a valuable lesson here. It’s not the “stuff” we are left with to hold on to but the memories. #808 … they say they love you too!!


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