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5 Reasons I Love Hillary

One of the highlights of my last corporate job, was travelling to Nashville for a Premier Lady Antebellum event in the fall of 2012.  It was nice to explore a city unfamiliar to me and awesome to meet a voice I admired and Adored, Hillary Scott!! *I also met this Super Fun couple named Reese & Kelly who are now married. Mrs. Kelly Kelly & I remain friends to this day via FaceBook! 🙂

I got this fun video clip with Hillary and found out that night that she was newly pregnant and later ended up giving birth to little Eisele was born on my birthday (July 22) in 2013! I didn’t know it that fall day, I was pregnant too but unfortunately didn’t carry those babies to full term (read more of that story here).  I know if we’d had more time, Hillary and I would be BFFs.  She’s my kind of people!

Kai & I have loved Lady A’s music for a long time and we were excited to hear that Hillary had come out with her own album.  THY WILL is a song in which I immediately learned every word.  I watched the music video (that’s not my thing, I never do that).  It resonated with me as soon as I heard it as a prayer in my heart that I wasn’t able to put words to.  When I first heard it I was just starting to walk through the journey of Kai’s high school residency decision.  Many times as I heard this song come on, or would intentionally play it from my phone, each word was what I couldn’t speak out loud- many times I couldn’t even get the words she was providing in the song out.

“I’m so confused…I know I heard you loud and clear….I may never understand that my broken heart is a part of your plan… They Will Be Done…… This don’t feel good right now….Sometimes I’ve gotta stop and remember that you’re God and I am Not”

As I learned later, Hillary wrote this out of the pain of her miscarriage …devastating.  Relateable. Heartbreaking pain of a Mama over her Baby.

Hillary- if you ever see this, here are 5 things I love about you!:

  1. You are beautiful!  Your authentic joy in a room and love for life is infectious!
  2. You transparently shared your heart (& talent!) through this amazing album (and countless interviews).
  3. You are standing up for women that we don’t have to walk through miscarriage silently like it never happened.
  4. You publicly pushed back about the pressure to lose baby weight so fast & took time to LOVE being a Mama!
  5. You will continue to sing songs we can jam out to with the windows down (as Kai & I have done MANY times), or slow down and put words to feelings buried deep.  Bring it girl!!

Thanks Hillary for sharing your chaos with us!  You are Adored!

Love, a Fan, a Mama, a Future Friend

*I have no affiliation to Hillary Scott or her Album Love Remains...but you should get it!


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