AdoredChaos in My Home

You guys— let’s get real!  AdoredChaos describes so many pieces of my life.  It’s the core of who I am, the raising of my kids and often the state of my home.  I TRY to be organized..and in some areas I am, but I’m always looking to improve.  When I post “organizing posts” it’s not because I’m a professional organizer, but because I accept who I am and I know I’m not alone out there! 🙂

As I look in on my kids rooms, my bed room, the upstairs hallway…my office…. (YIKES!)

Junk drawer before (above) …and after

 I feel like a fraud talking about organization.  But its an area I love to play around in.  I follow a few organizers- several years ago I took a challenge from Fly Lady with my neighbor.  We had the same home footprint and found multiple ways to control the clutter and make the most of our small closets.  Today, I LOVE podcasts and one I can’t miss is Lisa Woodruff at Organize 365 (I am not an affiliate of Lisa, I just love her!)  Lisa is practical and I think she’s fun to listen to.  She’s passionate about organizing through different phases of life and I can easily implement lots of her ideas (both free and through her purchased options).



THIS is what happens to my “office”

You will periodically see me post in this category– because I spend a lot of time thinking about it.  Don’t tell Kelly, but it’s kind of become my hobby.  I just need the time to apply all the things in my brain! Lisa says to work in 15 minute/day tasks when you can (again, I just love her!) This does help, because when I look at a huge project, I just freeze up and do….NOTHING. Nada.  Zip.  Zilch.  If you came to my home, you’d know real quick which areas overwhelm me and which ones I don’t stress out about as much.  For example, my kitchen.  Easy. Clean out the fridge, wipe of the counters, straighten the pantry and keep the dishes clean and put away (the hardest part).  I’ve minimized in my cabinets and periodically go back through to re-sort or pull things out we no longer use/need.  My master bedroom on the other hand…. NEMESIS.  My home office area….NEMESIS.  I don’t know why that is…

As part of my journey, I’ve decided I’ll include a few posts about organizing and my chaotic journey to achieve it.  As I like to remind Kelly, I’m pretty organized, I’m just messy 🙂  Anyone feel me?

I’m off to go through clothes in my closet….or just play with Colt. Happy Friday!!


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