In My Soul

With a Still Small Voice…Go

My husband’s family spends a week every other summer on Sun Valley Lake- a private lake in Grand Lake, CO.  An absolutely beautiful place!  It’s perfect for a family of 20ish ranging from 2-75!

Here, my back porch morning view is much bigger, much cooler (awesome and temperature) and much quieter.  No road noise, more birds, an occasional “neigh” in the background of the horses out to pasture down the road.

This year, 1st morning I told Kelly, “I’m getting up at 5:30.  I’m watching the sunrise on the water & having some quiet time.  I hope Colt sleeps for you!” (He’s sleeping in our room in a crib).

I got up after a horribly restless night (my recent diet and the beans we had for dinner, plus 2 boys in with me…TMI?) through on my sweats, started the pot of coffee and was going to wait for it.  My plan had been:

  1. Start coffee
  2. Pee
  3. Take coffee outside
  4. Enjoy the heavenly aroma in the fresh mountain air!

However, someone else was in the bathroom & without analyzing why, I decided not to wait & I walked out.  I unhooked the fishing boat, hopped in and started to push back—and THEN I SAW IT!!!  A magnificent young female moose strolling down the road right in front of me.  I watched her stop & watch me when I’d row, then keep moving as I paused to watch her. img_2781

Now why on earth was I telling you about PEE!? Well, because, had I waited to pee, and the coffee to brew and said some morning pleasantries (to either my MIL or FIL), I would have missed her!  Just like everyone else in asleep in the house as she meandered through our yard.

You may be thinking ‘WOW! A MOOSE!’ (me too!!) Or maybe, ‘So what? They’re everywhere up there’ (boo on you! Many Coloradans have never seen one live in person).  But this is my 5th trip here & a moose spotting is my favorite activity!

I realized as I sat out on the water watching her walk by that it wasn’t my impatience that passed on waiting for the beloved cup of Joe (which I would have spilled in the boat anyway!).  It was a still small voice prompting me to go.  I couldn’t see why, I didn’t have the vision for what was out there- but when we are told to go, Go!  God always has something special waiting for us!

**Later that week as I continued to get up early and go out in the boat or for a stroll around the lake to just be quiet and still, I encountered a rather large male and a pair taking their morning walk.  Absolutely magnificent!!

Of course this song was the backdrop as I was writing this piece on the boat….

“I Will Follow”  by Chris Tomlin

Where you go, I’ll go

Where you stay, I’ll stay

When you move, I’ll move

I will follow…

 All your ways are good

All your ways are sure

I will trust in you alone

Higher than my sight

High above my life

I will trust in you alone (trust in you alone)


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