Raising Teens

She loves me, She loves me lots

I’m exactly 4 months in since I started sharing this journey.  Tick Tock.  Time is moving too fast.  A trip we’ve been planning and looking forward to, that she worked all summer to earn her portion for is upon us.  And in going over the list “did you pack this, did you remember this, how many of these do you have…” my sweet girl shared that this is hard.  She’s nervous.  She leaves both parents– but is with one or the other at all times.  Not this time.  She’s going away, pretty far from home, with out either of us.  But she is ready.

If we want to raise kind girls, we need to show her what that looks like…Father, please help her to be kind, even if others aren’t kind to her.  Help her to be herself and not to fret over the petty behaviors of others.

If we want to raise smart girls, we need to direct them to use their minds… Father, thank you for designing her with a strong mind.  Guide her this week to make wise choices; call out to her to seek you for wisdom and guidance.

If we want to raise brave girls, we need to empower them…Father, help me choose my words intentionally to guide and instruct, to build up and not to tear down.  Thank you for showing me all the good I can point out, in a world that screams all the ugly at us.  

If we want to raise them up to love and be loved, we have to lead by example.  Father, thank you for making me her Mom.  Help me to live out the kind of life I want her to live.  Help me to be kind and giving, smart and discerning, strong at my center, but gentle on my edges.  Help me to apologize when I fail.  Thank you for second chances and forgiveness so I can start each day fresh and new…..

A nervous smile. A snuggle.  A reminder to be brave…. Mama relishing in a few moments shared with her…. She woke up confident as ever in the morning.  Her trip proved to be the amazing experience we knew it would be.  She was kind, she was smart, she was brave.

This Mama knows she loves me; she loves me lots.

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We’re in this journey together ladies!!


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