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“I have NOTHING to wear!”

Here I sit, gazing at my bedhead reflection starting this post in my comfy PJ pants- my absolute faves which were actually hand-me-downs!- and a fleece sweatshirt, I’m wondering– would my friends turn me in to “What Not To Wear” on most days? (Ummm… actually- that would be awesome! Didn’t they get a $5K shopping spree PLUS help fitting clothes to their body!?)

I spend a lot of time with my kids.  On weekends when I work, I wear a church t-shirt.  In the office I have flexibility- plus I’m not there that often.  And MAYBE twice a year I get dressed up (great time to take a loaner from “Cate’s Closet”).  I intend to work out, my body keeps changing like a yo-yo and I’m not content to buy a new wardrobe.

Errands/ Mom WearWHAT DO I WEAR?! Let’s start with where “workout pants” (I’m not saying yoga because I don’t do yoga…) are acceptable:

  • Grocery Store (judge away…)
  • Playing outside
  • School carpool
  • Target/ Starbucks/ Michaels
  • Playdates
  • Soccer Field
  • ….Working Out….. when I go, if I go…or in my basement

Great- that’s where I spend most of my time.

Jeans: There’s only so long that these are comfortable in my waist.  Yup. I said it.  I like sugar, carbs and cortisol is on hyper speed in my body.  So my middle + jeans can get kind of uncomfortable.  But here’s that list:

  • Anywhere.
  • Really, anywhere.

Mom's Night OutNow lets talk tops.  I have been decluttering and STILL I have WAAAYYY too many T-shirts.  But I have way too LITTLE “other” tops.  Here’s where I may need the most help.

  • School meetings
  • Girls’ night
  • At work (really, I can wear T-shirts, but would it kill me not to??)
  • Church on weekends I don’t work
  • Presentations (maybe paired with black pants or jeans)
  • Whenever I need to look “presentable”

And let me give a shout out to my LuLaRoe girls (Feel free to comment your site below)!  My only issue here is I need to have (clean and unshrunk) long enough shirts to feel comfortable enough with my leggings.  This goes back to the tops issue listed above, but I don’t honestly care what they look like on. As long as I am appropriately covered, they are smooth as butter and oh so comfy!  Thank you for making these socially acceptable when several years ago I remember saying multiple times “I would NOT wear bright color leggings like that!” hahahahahaha….. oh how naive I was. NEVER, say Never.

Accessories also need their own category don’t they? Scarves, jewelry, layers…they can take an outfit up or down (yes- even earrings and some jewelry with workout clothes out running errands!)  And thanks to my jewelry loving friends, I have a great selection there.  Scarves sometimes throw me for a loop but I own quite a few (hmmm….maybe another place to declutter more…).  So those are helpful- I just have to know how to use them and remember to put them on.


  • A few pairs of jeans
  • A few cute tops
  • Workout pants
  • Converse
  • ….wash, repeat…..

This post isn’t about seeking culture approval, but what we wear gives off a first impression of who we are.  I want what I wear to say, I’m approachable, I’m real, I’m busy, but I care.  Is that the message you see?

What does your message say to people?  Take a look in your wardrobe and let me know what you think about it!



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