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Encouraged me….Sharing a Devotional

It’s Tuesday.  It’s Spring Break for some, back from Spring Break for others.  We all know even if you get a vacation in, not all parents get a BREAK this Spring.  But in these moments, having someone in your circle who sees something and thinks of you is a wonderful break.  Knowing I’ve been thought of, that I’m not alone even when I feel (for a moment) that I am….

I’m not ready to post details yet, but the tensions surrounding Kai’s upcoming move are high.  Conversations go from heated to boiling quickly, and with each passing day, an anxiety about her not living here with me on a regular basis grows.  Combined with everyday life….this devotional emailed to me yesterday by a dear supporter and mentor was PERFECT!  So, I’d like to share it with you with my personal thoughts in pink , I hope it encourages you too! *It’s from

Today’s Verse for 03/27/2017

I consider that our present sufferings are not worth comparing with the glory that will be revealed in us. — Romans 8:18


Is it worth it? Oh yes! It’s more than worth it. We can’t begin to imagine the glory God has in store for us. No matter how hard, bad, or painful  our trip through this world may be, our future with God holds something incomparably better. (Emphasis added by me…. I don’t think my trip ranks near as hard as others I have the privilege of walking beside.  But this current leg of the trip is painful). Does that mean my difficulties are meaningless or insignificant? Absolutely not! But our future glory with God does mean that it is more than worth it to hang in, to be faithful, and to receive his glorious reward! When I have the opportunity to talk with people, I get a lot of responses like “well, you certainly are stronger than I could be.”  NO.  NO. I. AM. NOT.  It is not my strength that pulls me through.  I know that from the 37 years behind me where I didn’t hang in very well, I wasn’t faithful and I created more of a mess than walking in his glorious reward.  In the middle of my moments of anger and/or tears, I have to say out loud:

  • my focus is on you 
  • don’t let these things distract me
  • i know you have a plan that’s WAYYY bigger than i can imagine

What else do I have? Being consumed by fear, doubt, anger and worry are NOT how I want to live!  I’m seeking the JOY even in the circumstances that don’t feel joyful.  I feel that JOY, I know where it comes from, so even now, in a world where pain is swirling all around us, I know where my HOPE and JOY come from.  Through my many moments of weakness, THAT’S what gives me strength.  (and a good firm hug!!)


Father, I confess that I don’t like suffering, pain, disappointment, persecution, or sorrow. I do, however, believe that your promises are true. I hold on to the promise that the glory you have in store for me is far greater than the difficulties I face. Strengthen me for the days ahead and use me to bring you glory no matter what my current situation may be. Thank you for showing me the ripple effect sharing my journey is having on others.  Thank you for bringing along those who have a brave, inspiring & encouraging story of their own that I can hear and learn from.  In Jesus’ name I pray. Amen.

The Thoughts and Prayers for Today’s Verse are written by Phil Ware. You can email questions or comments to


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