Raising Tots

5 Ways to (Survive) Love My Crazy Boy

My intent today was to write up my thoughts about sleep patterns or potty training with Colt.  Living with this toddler boy is chaotic…and I adore him…. #AdoredChaos at it’s best! However….. moms, do you feel me here? I don’t understand how to parent this boy!  I love him to the depths of my core! I had a dream that we had this cute little blonde boy running around long before I was ever pregnant.  But now, he’s here.  And we are Not. Alike…..

The energy level- I get.
The temper- I get.

But WHAT do I do with it? How do I parent it?  I’m searching, today’s best resource- Pinterest!,- parenting books, blogs, podcasts…. and I’m not going to pretend to be an expert.  I’m another mom, living through this phase just like the other moms next to me.

Instead of sharing a story today about specifics on ways we’ve done things with Colt, I want to share 5 Ways to Survive Love My Crazy Boy!

  1. Keep him busy
  2. Learn his patterns and to be at least 1 step ahead
  3. Pray for him (and for me!)
  4. Make sure to get outside, or an inside playground at least
  5. Spend time on his level learning about things he likes

Oh- and a Bonus #6- DRINK COFFEE!! Haha..with a friend, through the day, whatever.

These may sound like common sense to some parents, and raising my daughter at this age, thar was easier (or I remember it that way…) but with Colt.  I’m at a standstill.  I feel my temperature rise.  This boy is not designed and wired like me…and he’s lucky he’s got the cutest, sweetest smile!

#1: Pinterest helps me get my creative juices flowing, but I have to keep him busy.  Play-dough! He loves it!! Woohoo! Crashing cars/monster trucks! He loves it!! Woohoo! Don’t feel like building trains today? Ok…moving on…. Playing with foam soap in the sink! He loves it!! Woohoo!!  He just has to BE BUSY.  I keep things in the car, in my purse, in the stroller– he needs something for his hands, and if it has buttons or is about trucks, EVEN BETTER!

#2: Colt craves routine more than me; but I’m not a creature of routine.  This has been a struggle since the day he was born.  Kai, wired like me, could just go with the flow. Every day could be different and we rolled with it.  Colt, no no no.  He knows what comes next, he likes routine and to be home- just like his Daddy! So as a coping mechanism to be more structured, I learned to create routines for him.  He knows that when we come to his room for naptime, he’s going to get his “Deiah” (aka Sully from Monsters, Inc) and a story, we’re going to turn on his music and our “talking” (aka Mom’s Podcasts) & Mom’s going to rub his back (and yes, I sometimes doze off too).  If I get off track, distracted or too into my phone, it throws the whole process off.  So I have to stay one step ahead.

#3: Pray for him.  Yes.  At a baby shower held by my church co-workers, we prayed over every stage of Colt’s life. It was one of the most touching moments.  I wish I could say I did this first, but often it comes after I’ve lost my cool and am sitting here wondering what to do next.  I pray that I understand him better, that he makes good choices and that he grows confident and feeling safe within healthy boundaries.

#4: Outside is heaven sent- even 5-10 minutes before getting in the car in the morning.  Dump truck, shovel, watching the garbage truck, whatever.  It’s a great time to catch up with a neighbor, collect the trash from your car, etc. RUN COLT RUN!!  There’s something magical about the outdoors.

#5: Before Colt came along, I didn’t know the names of many dinosaurs, I didn’t know much about the different kinds of construction vehicles, monster trucks, or Legos.  Now, I find myself noticing every construction site, every truck that passes us and I know how to knock trains over with dinosaurs or build cool ramps out of living room furniture for monster trucks to race & crash over.

This is a journey and I need to parent with the end in site, not missing any phase of the journey.  Want more info from the experts? #JustAPhase

Oh- & keep the coffee coming! 


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